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My Newest Purchase

Oct 25, 2013


This is the only purchase I made during my recent trip to Europe. I bought it in Old Town Prague at the official Spartak outlet store which happens to be located on Husova Street directly beneath the hanging sculpture of Sigmund Freud.

The sculpture depicts Freud suspended by one hand from a bar high above the street, perhaps contemplating whether or not to let go. I particularly like the way that the figure has one hand nonchalantly tucked into a pants pocket. It is by the artist David Cerny who was recently in the news for his latest work, a giant hand, middle finger rudely extended, floating in the Vltava River and pointing at the Czech parliament.

I almost purchased another t-shirt that I saw in a window of a shop in Berlin. On the front it read: NO ONE READS YOUR FUCKING BLOG. But that just isn't true. Is it?