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What I'm Reading: June 16, 2013

Jun 16, 2013

Or in this case, viewing. When I was a kid spending my summers on Bowen Island we used to while away rainy afternoons at the community hall watching movies. I've never forgotten being engrossed in the 1955 war adventure, "The Dam Busters," starring Richard Todd, about British planes dropping "the bouncing bomb". The blog at History Today has a short video describing the actual operation.

The Seattle Public Library is dispatching librarians on bicycles to selected outdoor events this summer.

Last week the British government agreed to pay compensation to thousands of Kenyans who were tortured by colonial authorities during the Mau Mau Rebellion. Historian Caroline Elkins's book Imperial Reckoning (2005) played a significant role in revealing the truth of what went on in Kenya. Elkins has a piece in The Guardian about the role of revisionist historical scholarship.


Submitted by Michael F on
I, too, saw the movie at the community centre on the old Union Steamship lands at Bowen Island. I recently had surgery and , during my recuperation, was loaned the DVD's of an excellent British television series, Foyles War. The hero, Foyle, solves a variety of mysteries which take place in and around Hastings, a coastal town in southern England, during the Second World War. The series is first rate. One of the best episodes revolves around a murder which takes place in a government labratory which is perfecting the explosive devices which could be dropped from aircraft onto water and bounce several times before sinking. This technology was being developed for the missions recorded in the film you refer to. I recommend the series and that particular episode.


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