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Taylor Talk

Nov 13, 2014

The West Vancouver Historical Society has invited me to speak on one of my favourite subjects, Vancouver mayor Louis Taylor. I thought I'd consider Taylor's three near-death experiences -- political and mortal -- and the impact they had on his long career.

The event takes place on Wednesday, November 19, at the West Van Seniors Centre, 695 Twenty-First Street in West Vancouver. Start time is 7 pm. Everyone welcome.


Submitted by Carolanne Reynolds on
Thank you again for an interesting and enjoyable talk. I waited so long, I forgot what I was going to ask you! My husband cdn't come to the talk and I noticed you were reading from typed pages, so I wanted to ask for a copy. Do hope you still have those notes. Glancing at the righthand side, I noticed Books and Beer. George is a qualified beer judge (a hobby), and wrote a column in the (now defunct) Outlook. One was on Green Leaf Brewing. Hope you have time to answer. My email address is cr [at] carolanne (dot) org


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