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Jan 5, 2018

A few weeks ago I recorded an interview with Vancouver CBC radio host Sheryl MacKay for her local weekend show North by Northwest. The occasion for our chat was my recent visit to Ottawa to receive this year's Pierre Berton Award.

The interview, which aired on the Saturday morning before New Years, was a pretty wide-ranging one. You can listen to the podcast here. Our conversation begins at 1 hour 19 mins.



Submitted by Alex Howard on
Hello from someone from your past. I am living in Smithers bc now to be with family. They have a great bookstore here and I came across the newsletter BC Bookworld... and yes, what a small world it is. I am hoping you are the historian writing a small beautifully informative book for the canal system and fishers and their breakfasts. I lived in Ottawa and my daughter Alison was in a daycare with I believe your daughter, whose name escapes me. Through their friendship, you learned I was a stay at home mom and did dictaphone work for people. I am hoping you are that person. When I moved here last summer, I turned on the CBC on a Sunday morning and listened to the most beautiful female voice Sheryl McKay and her buddy on North by Northwest. I am hoping you will reply to my message. My email is rose.howard18@icloud.com

Submitted by dan on
Hi Alex That email address doesn't seem to work. Please contact me through dan@danielfrancis.ca


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