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No More Dusty Bookcase

Feb 10, 2015

I can't allow my pal Brian Busby to walk off into the sunset without an acknowledgement.

Six years ago Brian launched his website, The Dusty Bookcase, dedicated to what I think of as Canadian pulplit but what he calls "the suppressed, ignored and forgotten in Canadian literature." Always entertaining and witty, sometimes surprising, Brian's blog brought to light hundreds of books, mainly pulp fiction, that had been lost to posterity until he came across them on the discard shelf at some church rummage sale. (You might argue that some of the titles deserved to stay under the rock where Brian found them but that is a discussion for others.)

Anyway, a few days ago Brian ended his blog, deciding there were other things he wanted to do. But this being the internet, the site remains up and running, just not updated, to be discovered and rediscovered by anyone interested in Canlit oddities.

Thanks to Brian for all his efforts and good luck to him.