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Sep 24, 2015

There has been a bit of a discussion lately in academic circles about whether Canadian historians have been ignoring early, or pre-Confederation, history.

True or not, a group of Canadianists have set out to prove that "early Canadian history is vibrant" by starting a blog devoted to the subject (which is admittedly very broad). It is called Borealia and can be found here.

"The goal of Borealia is to provide an energetic, professional and respectable space for conversation about research and teaching in early Canadian history." Having been a bit of an early bird myself at one time -- my MA thesis was on the rise of the mental hospital in early 19th century Canada -- I'll be following with interest.


Submitted by Keith Grant on
Hi Daniel, Thanks very much for sharing the launch of Borealia with your readers, and for your own interest. The image of the "early bird" is brilliant! Cheers, Keith Grant Co-Editor, Borealia http://earlycanadianhistory.ca


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